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Week 8 “Fashion” 52 Fridays {Memphis TN Child Photographer}

I was really excited when I saw that fashion was one of our themes. I think fashion photography is amazing! So many images come to my mind when I think of fashion photography. However, the main thing that comes to my mind is the lighting. I think of dramatic, carefully controlled studio lighting. I just invested in some basic studio lighting, and I figured I would take this opportunity to get started with it. I love the power of light! That it can change what could be a simple and bland portrait into an exciting and dynamic photograph. So although I didn’t have any professional models or crazy clothes to work with, I tried to go for a fashion edge with the lighting in these photographs. And honestly, these girls could be models for sure when they get older!

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Posted February 25, 2011 (09:00) in 52 Fridays


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